Sony Just Told Us Everything We Need to Know About the Next-Gen PS5

The next-gen console from Sony will not be here anytime soon, but they have given us a lot of details. During a presentation, the company has given us all the info that we need, and they even confirmed (again) that the PS5 will come with backward compatibility. Since it’s similar to the PS4, this means it will be able to play games that were designed for the current-gen console, and that it will also be compatible with the present version of PlayStation VR.

They said they would leverage backward the compatibility to move the community to the next-gen faster than before. Sony has in plan to use the PS4 games in order to encourage the newcomers, which are very important to the success of the PS5. They promised more games for the PS4, since it will remain a source of money for at least the next three years. This might mean that PS5 will be a loss, and that they actually rely on PS4 to keep the gaming division at its most.

Some specs

There will be similarities between these 2, but PS5 will have an all-new GPU and CPU. An insider talked about it and said that they would use a third-gen AMD Ryzen CPU with eight cores. Also, a standard GPU, that will be built on AMD’s Radeon Navi. The GPU will come with support for ray tracing, which is actually a technique that’s limited only to high-end gaming PCs for now. He said that would also come with immersive 3D audio.

What’s more, the PS5 will come with SSD for storage, which means bye bye hard drivers. Together with the other components, this will lead to a speed bump Sony explained the fact that the PS5 is about ten times faster than the PS4 Pro, especially when it comes to loading all those complicated scenes.

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