Call of Duty: Mobile Will Come With A Battle Royale Mode

A recent blog post from Activision unveiled a first insight into the publisher’s new battle royale mode for the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile. This mode will be different from all the other Call of Duty versions, accrediting this unique experience only to the Call of Duty: Mobile edition, even if it comes with the original series’ trademark first-person shooter action.

The post released by Activision announced a 100-player battle royale mode which will come with the highly expected Call of Duty: Mobile, the gameplay being set across 12 multiplayer maps from the earlier renown game series.

The game mode consists of a hundred players jumping from a plane and land on a pre-planned terrain, where they have to search and collect equipment. After they are equipped, they have to start eliminating other players to win the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile Will Come With A Battle Royale Mode

What will be different with this particular battle royale mode in Call of Duty: Mobile is the addition of classes. Players can choose among six classes:

  • Defender – This character can use a flexible Transform Shield to protect themselves. It also comes with a more great defense against all types of damage, except for bullets.
  • Mechanic – This player mode comes with an EMP Drone to hinder with the enemy’s electronic gear. It has the augmented vision to see vehicles, enemy traps, and other pieces of gear.
  • Scout – The Scout has a Sensor Dart that can see the opposing side’s positions if they are close by and can also see other players’ footmarks.
  • Clown – This class can bring zombies to attack the opposite side. This class is also armed with a Toy Bomb to confuse the other players.
  • Medic – This class comes with a Medical Station which heals a player and its teammates, and it can heal quicker and resurrect allies faster as well.
  • Ninja – It can climb structures and cross areas quickly and without making a noise.

Gamers can also play solo, with a teammate, or in a group of four in the battle royale mode. Players will have access to ATVs, rafts, and helicopters to travel efficiently and have additional protection. Call of Duty: Mobile is currently tested in beta variant and will be launched in the third or fourth quarter of the year for Android and iOS.

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