League of Legends ‘Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24’ – Champions Targeted For Updates

Are you ready for this weekend in League of Legends? Well, you can rest easy once you learn that Meddler, the Design Director at Riot has shared some insight on the future of some favorite champions (I’m looking at you, Teemo!). Let’s check out his thoughts from today on Teemo, Aatrox, Yuumi, and Diana!

Before we jump to flaming and arguing about the next details, remember that the following information is just a talk about the future of the champions and that it could all change depending on testing and other factors.

Here are some small champion updates.

Teemo – Improving the E

Meddler explains what we already knew – Teemo has been tweaked again and again in PBE with nothing being released. The good news (for me, of course) is that they plan to “focus on improving the E, then reassess overall state of the project.”

Aatrox – Keeping an Eye on Him

Aatrox has seen some changes, and they’re now in the current live patch. Meddler believes that he is still strong in high MMR play, but they don’t plan on nerfing him in 9.11:

“Very interested to see if changes have addressed some of what made him so pick/ban in pro, even when weak elsewhere, and should see pro play on them shortly.”

Yuumi – Cautious About Future Buffs

Yuumi is said to succeed for the players that have been practicing a lot, says Meddler, adding that after the hotfix she is no longer considered week, but balanced.

She will get some “power impacting useability stuff and bug fixes in 9.11” but no other changes, as they are trying not to buff her, which will probably force them to nerf her later.

Diana – Small Adjustments After Negative Feedback

Diana has been around PBE for a while, and the feedback has been negative – we all saw it! As a result, Meddler concluded his quick gameplay thoughts saying that Diana will have some small adjustments and not get the full package of the new project, “and then consider Diana for further work sometime a bit later in the year.”

Check back here for more fresh League of Legends news, updates and everything that changes in League’s PBE!

Source: League of Legends Boards – Dev Corner (Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24)

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