Skype vs. Discord – Best Safety and Improved Version Comparison

Both Skype and Discord are two similar applications that give users the possibility to connect over VoIP, chat, voice and video calls, and group meetings. More and more people are moving from Skype to Discord, even if the second one was designed for other communities, such as gamers. By just looking at them, it seems that both of their features are the same, but we will show you some significant differences between Skype and Discord. Let’s talk about them and see what the differences are.

Skype is well known by now; it is one of the veterans regarding video calls, long connections with people all over the world. Skype is currently having more than 300 million users in its base. Both apps are free to use, easy, and it’s connecting you with others, but what are the differences?

  • The first difference between Skype and Discord is in the size of the files. With Discord, you can transfer data up to 8MB in the free account, and 50 MB if you are a Nitro user (a cost of $4.99 per month). Also having the Nitro account, you will have additional features such as GIFs, avatars, and emoji. On the other hand, Skype is generous with the size limit; you can transfer up to 300 MB. And if you want to transfer bigger files, Microsoft it’s recommending the OneDrive solution. Both apps support all files types formats, but only in Skype, you can share YouTube videos, or GIFs from GIPHY, and search in Bing.
  • The screen sharing is possible in both applications, but for now, only on Desktops, the mobile feature will come too. With Discord, you can share your screen in the video call, a single user or a group, but you can’t share it on a voice call. While with Skype, you can share screens on both video and voice calls.
  • After many years of complaints from users, Skype has now a call recorder feature. It works on desktops and mobile at every video or audio call. With Discord, you have to use OBS for recording an audio/video call. Also, the feature isn’t working on mobile.
  • Skype has a limit of members for a group video call, and Discord has a limit of up to ten members.
  • Discord has aimed the games communities because it has a different server for calls. Every time you call, you are assigned to a server. The good thing is that while you are in a game, you can join that server without leaving your game. You can chat with anyone; can call anyone without invites or without being friends. Skype, on the other hand, has a mobile or landline feature that can be used online. With Discord you can connect with everybody from Facebook, Skype, Twitch, Steam, and many more; you can see what music your friends are listening on Spotify. Skype is integrated only with Facebook.

To sum up, if you want more of a business way, Skype will offer all the features needed for your job, thanks to the Office suit added to the app. If you want something only for games and fun, Discord is the answer.

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