Windows 11 – Concept, Release Date, and Other Rumors

Microsoft seemed to adopt the same strategy with OS X that Apple adopted, instead of releasing several desktop operating system versions once in a while. Windows 10 was announced to be the last version released of the emblematic OS. However, the fans are expecting a Windows 11 release since the previous versions of Windows 10 are not as great as expected.

It was supposedly intended that Microsoft would regularly improve its last version through software updates, but the last one released in October 2018 was apparently not satisfying to its users, causing many problems that are yet to be sold. Thus, a new version of Windows is increasingly requested.

A renowned vlogger released a Windows 11 concept last year

Kamer Kaan Advan, a well-known vlogger, already released a video presenting a conceptual design of Windows 11 that comes with a stylish XP theme, along with a series of different videos consisting in updated versions of Windows 95, XP and many others.

Aspects visualized by Advan that are worth mentioning include a search user interface with a new design, an updated dark mode, and adaptive cursors, as well as some exciting features such as the ability to pin tiles to the desktop.

The screenshot image of the supposed list of features of the new operating systems led many to believe that Windows 11 was intended to be launched by the end of 2018.

Fans are requesting for a Windows 11 release

Following the launching patterns of Windows 8 and Windows 10, Windows 8 being launched three years before the launch of Windows 10, the new Windows 11 should’ve been released last year. However, this aspect did not discourage Microsoft fans that still firmly believe that the release of Windows 11 is yet to come, and it will happen by the end of this year.

But before that happens, an updated version of Windows 2010 was released in May this year, and it includes some exciting features, such as a new light theme, a new Windows Sandbox features as well as a new kaomoji and quicker access to symbols. It can directly be downloaded from the Microsoft official website.

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