Google Lens App Receives Exciting New Features, Including Real-Time Translations

Google Lens is one of Google’s newest features that gained immediate popularity after release. It works perfectly both with the help of your Google assistant and individually. Google integrates Google Lens in their Pixel devices’ native camera app, and some OEM providers do the same.

Google Lens is a very exciting feature, as it can help users scan codes, calculate bills totals, shop for clothes by taking pictures of them and copy paste text on documents. Recently, the latest Google I/O event brought exciting news for fans of Google Lens.

The main new feature that Google representatives discussed during the event is the ability to translate text instantly. All you need to do is open the Lens and point your camera at the text.

Google Lens App Receives Exciting New Features, Including Real-Time Translations

Google Lens will automatically identify the language and offer you a translation of it in the language of your choice. The greatest part is that the feature has the ability to display the translated version of the text over the original. This can prove to be extremely helpful for tourists in other countries.

Another feature targets food-lovers. Besides from calculating your total for your restaurant bill, Gooogle Lens can now scan menus and offer you an option of description. It will show you real pictures of the dishes from Google Maps. This will give the user the opportunity to form an idea of what the food looks like in reality. Even more, Google Lens will display the comments of people who ate at that specific restaurant.

Google did a great job of delivering these exciting new features of Google Lens. They are now available to all users who have access to the Google Assistant. Even more, Google hinted towards a new feature related to the Google Maps app.

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