Samsung Galaxy A70S Comes with Tetracell Technology and Fresh Camera

The new camera sensor from Samsung, boasting 64 megapixels, will be launched sooner than expected. It is reported to come out in a phone in late 2019, choosing not to wait for the S11 launch in 2020.

Samsung will choose the Galaxy A70S for the “gig-antic” Isocell Bright GW1, as reported by Korea’s ETNews. The new placeholder for Samsung’s mid-range a70 phone will be the A70S, with the Amazon price tag of 429$ for the 128GB/6GB model.

At 64 megapixels, the new sensor trumps the former best performer, Honor View 20’s Sony 48 megapixel model, also staying true to the Samsung 20 megapixel sensor in terms of pixel size at 0.8 micrometers.

Light sensitivity will stay the same on the Samsung camera as a result, tetracell technology, and remosaic algorithm further enhancing the process. It will be possible for the new processor to merge 4 pixels in order to enhance the reception of light thus eliminating the negative effects of low lighting, to create clear 16 MP photos rich in brightness.

The decision to boost its mid-range phones with avant-garde tech was taken by the Seoul based company before. The Galaxy A9 received 4 camera sensors the previous year.

At that moment, it was announced by CEO DJ Koh that Samsung will incorporate the new components into phones as they emerge from the production line, rather than delay until the launch of the company’s next flagship.

This shows wisdom on Samsung’s part because it allows them to fully test the technology, optimizing it for the arrival of the more expensive phones as to avoid a major mishap like the Fold.

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