iPhone SE2: Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The Phone Release

The iPhone SE was a popular one amongst Apple users and many hope that the smartphone will make a comeback. There have been plenty of rumours about the iPhone SE 2 and many sources suggested that Apple is secretly preparing its release.

We have collected more information and today we are going to discuss about a possible 2020 iPhone SE2 release. There have plenty of reports and experts which seem to suggest that there isn’t much time left until we receive another iPhone SE.

There are plenty of fans

One of the main reasons why Apple should at least consider releasing the iPhone SE 2 is because there is a clear market for the iPhone SE. In fact, when Apple had a sale for the iPhone SE, the phones were sold out in just a day.

Many users prefer smaller smartphones, and there are also many buyers who are waiting for an iPhone that is priced lower. Therefore, size and price remain the strongest advantages of the iPhone SE. Apple could upgrade the model and release the iPhone SE 2 in order to continue the legacy.


The iPhone SE 2 is expected to maintain the most important aspects. The phone should measure 4.8 inches and it should come with the AMOLED display. However, there will be some changes as well. The screen is expected to become an edge-to-edge one, similar to the one of the iPhone X. This means that there will be no bezels, and there should be a notch in the left side, for the frontal camera.

The Touch ID will be changed and Face ID will be added instead of it. The Home button might be a goner as well. The price for the iPhone SE 2 is expected to be around $600.

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