Apple’s App Store Download Capacity Increased to 200 Mb

According to a new report found on TechCrunch, Apple has decided to increase the download capacity of the App Store. Apple is known to be many things, but being graciously open to alternatives is quite a different thing.

For all we know that has been the Apple way ever since its beginnings. For instance, the original iPhone had a camera, but it just couldn’t take videos. Weird, no? Even at the moment, a dull drag and drop of the files on an Apple phone are quite impossible without the help of a third-party app.

Also, talking about the App Store in its mobile devices, there is set a download capacity limit for downloads via cellular data. More specifically, until now, there was the renown 150MB limit of downloads in the App Store before Apple has generously thought of increasing the capacity limit to 200MB.

Apple’s App Store Download Capacity Increased to 200 Mb

Even if this may not appear as something big, it can actually be. Perhaps it is a bit difficult for Americans or some Europeans to comprehend this, but in Asia, in so many countries people can buy unlimited cellular data packages for price tags lower than $10. Yes, indeed. And for these people who own an iPhone in Asia, this raised capacity limit is a great thing. Even though 50MB is not quite a big difference, more is better.

From the developer’s perspective, a bit of additional space would enable them to incorporate more in the app and leave the rest of the space to the in-app downloads. This would be a great thing for users spread all over Asia.

From our perspective, Apple should have removed the capacity limit altogether. Offering a betterment such as the elimination of the restriction is preferred to a relaxed limitation. Apple should learn a few things from Android devices and even Google. An operating system abounding of options would be a sensation though.

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