Upcoming macOS 10.15 Update To Come With New Apps, According To Latest Details

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference will take place in less than a week, and the internet rumor machine is hard at work as always. Several sources report that the new iOS update will bring the coveted Dark Mode to both iPhones and iPads, with supposed screenshots being already available.

The latest rumor comes in the form of new Music and TV apps for the upcoming macOS 10.15 update. It seems that Apple plans to completely revamp the looks of the operating systems developed by the company. A visible accent seems to be placed on stronger colors, a change reminiscent of the one introduced by iOS 7.

Dedicated Apple fans know that the iTunes app served as an all-in-one media center for a long time, handling most types of media files, including music, films or TV shows. However, it seems that Apple has decided to change the experience, and dedicated Music and TV apps will be offered. It is expected that they will be similar to the ones offered by iOS, with the addition of several features limited to the macOS versions.

Upcoming macOS 10.15 Update To Come With New Apps, According To Latest Details

A series of screenshots were leaked by a reliable source, allowing us to get a glimpse of the upcoming apps, and they are quite stylish.

In the case of the Music App, the design retains several staples of the iTunes interface. A sidebar placed in the left side of the windows offers a selection of colors, with the colors following a gradient pattern. The content is similar to the one found in the mobile app, and users can listen to music from offline and online sources.

The TV app features an additional bar placed in the upper area of the window, allowing users instant access to 5 categories: Watch Now, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, and Library. The interface is clean and accessible, and users will also have to option to sort the content by genre. It remains to be seen if the new apps in the upcoming macOS 10.15 will make an appearance during the conference.

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