[6/3] League of Legends 9.12 PBE Balance Changes: New Ryze Changes, Tentative Tweaks on Sylas

As we promised over the weekend, there are more changes to Ryze during 9.12 PBE cycle and we’ve got the stats directly from Riot Repertoir who shared them on Twitter. Let’s check out the latest balance changes added today to the Public Beta Environment, which include not only Ryze, but also Sylas and Aatrox.

Before we head over to the balance changes, you should know that League of Legends has a new page on Nexus, called Live Updates on Patch 9.13, where all the Tweets from the balance dev team and other Rioters are dropped in real time. We will keep an eye on all their updates to continue our coverage on the next Balance Updates in PBE.

League of Legends 9.12 PBE Balance Changes – June 3rd


The following changes are compared to the live values, not to the previous changes we covered this weekend. Also remember that this is PBE and all changes are tentative and subject to further change id playtesting gives negative feedback.

  • Q – Overload:

Spell ranks lowered to 5 (from 6)

[Removed] Shield

Flux damage bonus changed to [25/50/75/100% (Realm Warp Rank)] – from [40/50/60/70/80% (Spell Flux Rank)]

Speed Amount changed to [20/25/30/35/40%] – from [25/28/31/34/37/40%]

  • W – Rune Prison:

CC effect changed to [35% Slow] – from [Root]

CC duration increased to 1.5 (from 0.75)

Spell Flux bonus changed to [convert Slow to Root] – from [increased CC duration]

  • Spell Flux (E)

[New] Always bounces off Primary target

[Removed] Damage on Bounce

[Removed] Bouncing on spell kills

  • Realm Warp (R)

Spell Ranks increased to 3 (from 2)

[New] Overload damage bonus against targets with Flux increased to 50/75/100%

[New] Immediately casts at max range when attempting to cast beyond that

Minimum cast range increased to 1000 (from 730)

Maximum cast range changed to 3000 (from [1750/3000])

Cooldown changed to [210/180/150] (from 180)


Riot Sotere gave us a look on the tentative changelist for Sylas after playtest feedback, adding that Sylas will likely get an additional nerf – probably the E cooldown to be increased in the future. Here’s the changelist:


Riot Repertoir also added athat Aatrox is OP and nees a nerf, noting that “early game seems stronger than what it needs to be to perform in solo queue, and if he can have a fun R even without the revive, then that’s probably better for the game.” He also explained that the decisions are not yet final on Aatrox:

Also, RiotJatt added on his Twitter page that starting with tomorrow, they will begin planning for patch 9.13. The 9.12 PBE will most likely launch on 13 June, featuring the new reworked Mordekaiser which is now in PBE for testing and tweaking some VFX for the skins.

Check back here for more League of Legends news!

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