YouTube Music 3.17 Is Now Available To Download With Some Improvements

Typically, when a brand new update is launched, companies are including smaller adjustments and updates to mend issues that the original release have had. However, Google’s last YouTube Music 3.17 update came with only some slight improvements.

Google has just recently rolled out a thorough update for YouTube Music, which came with considerable improvements and changes. Even so, the tech giant has released another update this week, the YouTube Music 3.17 version, as said by 9to5 Google in a report.

Some might wonder what this new update had to bring considering that the complete update of the app rolled out just a while ago. To many users’ disappointment, the new optimization came with an insignificant change, namely a tiny ring elimination. Those users having YouTube Music Premium, will discover something different concerning their avatar in the upper corner.

What’s new in YouTube Music 3.17?

To cut to the chase, the update simply removed the red circle that surrounded the profile picture. This change was not made only for the top corner avatar, but for the profile tab found in the settings option.

Aesthetically, the removal of the red circle makes the app bar not so noticeable, which some say is much better when browsing the dark grey front. The symbol did not serve as a practical effect after users would subscribe to the Premium version, but it might now be beneficial for new customers.

The bottom line is that users might not even have noticed it, given the fact that this is just a change exclusive for the Premium users. The Premium version of the app comes at the price of $11.99. The update was rolled out on iOS a few months ago, with YouTube Music Premium on the web also having the red rig removed. If on your app avatar still appears the red circle even if you have updated the app, try reinstalling it.

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