iPadOS Will Allow Users To Use A Mouse On iPad Tablets

Apple has announced iPadOS, a new operating system created to take advantage of the specific capabilities of iPad tablets. The announcement was made during the Worldwide Developer Conference, WWDC19, and it is clear that the company plans to enhance the productivity potential of the tablet.

While iOS ran on both iPad and iPhone devices, without problems certain compromises were needed to achieve this feat, they also made iPad owners feel that their device was limited by this arrangement. While iPhone smartphones will gain access to iOS 13, the iPadOS will improve the experience for many users of iPad tablets.

The new iPadOS will include a redesigned Home Screen layout which focuses on multitasking and fresh gestures for the ability to cut, copy, paste and undo several actions. An assortment of other features was also announced, including the anticipated system-wide dark mode.

iPadOS Will Allow Users To Use A Mouse On iPad Tablets

The Apple Pencil will sport additional functionalities while a revamped version of Safari and a refreshed file management system aim to make the experience more similar to that enjoyed on a desktop device. The existence of the iPadOS was leaked on the developer portal before an official announcement was offered.

One of the greatest features wasn’t mentioned during the conference, but it was quickly discovered by developers who gained access to the first beta version of the upcoming operating system. The new feature is located in the accessibility options menu, a decision which may seem a bit odd to users who a keyboard and mouse setup.

By enabling this option, the user will also gain the ability to connect an Apple Magic Trackpad. A developer shared a screenshot which showcases a mouse cursor hovering over the iPad interface. The new function is quite similar to the ability to place a virtual icon for the Home button in the case of the iPhone. The mouse cursor observed in the image looks quite similar to a virtual finger. Functionality has been confirmed by other developers, and it is likely that it will be well-received by the community.

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