League of Legends Teases Qiyana, The Empress of the Elements

It’s here, folks! One of the two champions that were revealed during League of Legends‘ champion roadmap earlier this year has just been teased on their social media.

“The people of Ixaocan celebrate her prowess…The world is next”

Check out the video below:

Each gem on her weapon stands for her powers:

I have raised Jungles

Shaped lands

Commanded Rivers

The new champion should show up in 9.13 PBE for playtesting and might be released after Pantheons’ rework.

Back in April, League of Legends posted on their official website their champion roadmap 2019, and the mysterious champion was described as belonging to a new faction and controlling the elements to turn the battle to her advantage:

“This new champion will be a solo lane AD assassin. It’s been a while, I know. There are very few of these types of champions in the game, and we know a lot of you love playing them. This champion’s arrival will send you deep into the jungles of Runeterra where a brand new faction, hidden from the rest of the world, will reveal itself. This assassin has powers which give them all the elements they need to use their surroundings in clever and innovative ways.

Trespassers beware and stay away from the walls, for nowhere is safe when you enter deep into these jungles.”

Here’s how she looks, according to the photo spotted by [email protected] on the LoL Weibo account:

Qiyana Possible Abilities

Looking at the way her splash art looks, and based on the fact that she is called the empress of the elements, her weapon’s gems might hint at her abilities. The colors hint at the three elements: water, earth, and fire. And considering she is said to be roaming the jungles, you could use the solo lane ad assassin to roam and bring terror on your enemies’ other lanes! In other words, she might be quite OP!

I must agree, I did think that the AD assassin would be the champion we saw in Voyboy’s video – Aphelios, but hey, there is a possibility he will be that non-traditional marksman – and I can still hold onto my theory that he is from space! Just look at that GIF!

Check back here for more information on the current and future PBE patches and all League of Legends news!

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