Fix: Mafia 3 Stuck on Loading Screen

fix mafia 3 stuck on loading screen

This tutorial is a how-to guide to fix Mafia 3 stuck on loading screen.

Mafia 3 has been marred by various forms of errors since its release some years back. And despite the proposed patch release by Hangar 13, nothing is forthcoming. One of the most notorious errors associated with this game is the “stuck on loading screen” error, and this is especially common on the PS4 version of the game.

To fix this error, follow through this tutorial.

Fix: Mafia 3 Stuck on Loading Screen

First off, if/when you encounter this error, ensure that your PC meets the prescribed standard (specs), especially the processor and graphics cards. You can then proceed with the solutions.

Fix 1: Verify Cache’s Integrity

More often than not, this error and other kinds of errors are encountered due to incomplete or faulty installation. Hence, you can try and run a verification, to ascertain the integrity of the game’s cache. If there’s any missing data or file, “Steam” would auto-install the missing piece(s).

To verify the integrity of Mafia 3’s cache, follow the steps below:

  • Close the game and navigate to your ‘Game Library’.
  • Locate and right-click on ‘Mafia III’.
  • On the list of options, click on ‘Properties’.
  • Under the “Properties” window, go to the ‘Local Files’ tab.
  • Locate and click on the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache’.

After the whole process, relaunch the game and see if the error is fixed.

You can also clear the game’s cache (in Steam), if the integrity check could not fix the error.

If the error persists, you can try the next fix.

Fix 2: Update Graphics Drivers

For most errors associated with online games, updating graphics drivers is always a recommended solution. And it is also applicable here.

To update graphics drivers, simply navigate to the graphics cards manufacturers’ websites and install the latest updates. For NVIDIA graphics cards, go here. For AMD, go here.

After updating the drivers, launch Mafia 3 and see if the error is fixed. If it persists, try the next method.

Fix 3: Remove & Reinstall the Game

As a last resort, you may have to reinstall the game on your PC, Xbox, or PS4.

However, it is important to note that before reinstalling the game, you first need to remove it. To remove Mafia 3 on PC, go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program > Mafia III > Uninstall. Confirm uninstallation and follow the prompt commands to finish the process.

After successful uninstallation, reinstall the game. This should fix the “stuck on loading screen” error.

Note: By reinstalling the game, the game’s data (and your progress) would be cleared. Hence. you’d have to start afresh (unless you have a backup).

Hope you find this helpful?

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