Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL Available with Android Q Beta 4

Google is coming with force and determination when it comes to upgrades. The fourth beta version of Android Q has been released now. The devices that are receiving the beta version are the Pixel smartphones, including Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. The update was stopped because of a boot-looping issue, but after fixing it, the beta will start again. Let’s see with what new feature is this Android Q beta 4 coming to the devices.

Android Q Beta 4

The Android Q Beta 4 is coming with the latest Android Q system images, especially for the Android Emulator. However, developers can build apps for Android Q with the developer API 29 SDK and the build-tool for Android Studio. The new beta update will give users the feature of removing notifications with one swipe on either side they wish. Why is that, because on Android P, the notifications are removable only on one side.  The other side it’s used for a snooze or to modify the notification settings.

Also, the Android Q Beta 4 will include the rotation lock button for the gesture navigation. This rotation lock button was present in the Android P as well but was removed in the older beta version. Google is not stopping here with the additions on the beta 4. The Dynamic System Updates (DSU) is added to beta 4, and it’s allowing developers to test run what version of Android they want through GSI and not to unlock the bootloader. This feature is perfect for developers because they can switch between the current system image to GSI and no risk of corrupting the current system image is taken.

To sum up, the Android Q will roll out on Pixel 4 somewhere in fall. More features will be present in the latest version of Android, such as dark mode, new gestures, chat bubbles, support for foldable smartphones, and quick reply. Android Q beta 4 will be rolled out to 13 smartphones enrolled in the beta program. The Pixel user will be the first lucky ones, and after that, users of LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO, Sony, and many more.

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