Chrome 75 Update Brings Dark Mode to Android Smartphones

Chrome 75 is the most recent update, and it rolled out to devices with some impressive features that might be beneficial with Android Q or even Android 9 Pie. The update brings the Dark Mode to Android devices.

Dark Mode for Chrome was first implemented in the previous update, Chrome 74, but it was concealed and could only be available via the flags. This was a setting many people knew nothing about. However, Chrome has received another update, the Chrome 75 version, and this optimization brings the Dark Mode to the settings where anyone can easily access it.

The ‘Themes’ page will appear in the settings menu by default. By opening ‘Themes,’ users can choose to switch between the light theme, the dark theme, and system default.

Chrome 75 Brings Dark Mode to Android smartphones

By design, the Dark Mode activates automatically when the smartphone goes into Battery Save Mode, but users can also turn on the Dark Mode manually by going to settings. The text used in the Dark Mode has been designed to look more prominent in order to make sure that users experience a smooth performance while enjoying the Dark Mode.

Another feature added to Google Chrome for Android is a brand new Password Generator. This feature helps users generate strong and safe passwords while filling forms. Anytime users fill in a password, Google should suggest using the brand new password generator in order to maintain privacy.

The new Chrome update version 75 brings something else besides the Dark Mode and the effective privacy options. It also adds Level 2 Share Web API, which enables users to share images and more other formats than the prior version allowed (it enabled the sharing of only text). The update is being implemented to the devices in a staged format. However, if you don’t have it yet, you can manually download and install Google Chrome 75 APK from any APK site.

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