Mafia 3 Won’t Start Xbox One [Quick Fix]

mafia 3 wont start xbox one

Mafia 3 won’t start on your Xbox One? Here’s what to do!

Mafia III is an advanced game, which is supported on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And while the game could easily be enjoyed on PC, avid gamers prefer the improved gaming experience offered by the consoles – Xbox and PS4.

However, some players who run the game on Xbox One have complained of a frustrating startup error, where the game simply fails to start.

To fix this, go to the next section.

Fix: Mafia 3 Won’t Start Xbox One

The exact cause of this startup error, which typically affects PCs and consoles, is somewhat controversial. However, it’s been attributed to glitches (on host PC or console) and bug attacks (on the game).

In any case, you can try the troubleshooting methods below:

Method 1: Power Cycle Xbox

This method is just like the system reboot option of PC. So, before running any advanced fix, try and restart the console.

To do this, simply hold down the Xbox icon (power button) until it shuts down. Then restart it after a few seconds, when the power light changes to amber (from white). This procedure would fix all minor glitches, which could be causing the startup error.

Once this is done, launch Mafia III and see if you’re able to open it.

Method 2: Soft-Reset Xbox One

By soft-reset, we mean a simple reset option, which allows you to keep all your games/apps, while other settings and temporary files are reversed.

To run this procedure, follow the step-by-step guidelines below:

  • Close the console and reopen it.
  • Navigate to “Settings”.
  • Find and select “System” > “Console info and updates”.
  • Click “Reset Console” and select the option to keep games and other applications.
  • Wait for the reset to finish.

After the reset, all your games/apps are kept safe. Subsequently, reinput your account information and try launching Mafia III. It should now open fine.

If the error persists, try the next fix.

Method 3: Reinstall Mafia 3

Often times, this error is caused by a bug or an issue with the game (and not your console). Hence, remove the game, reinstall it, and see if the error is fixed.

However, if you’ve done this already, you can contact Xbox support for assistance.

Get in touch with their support team here.

Hope you find this helpful?

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