League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Compared to Dota Auto Chess

Teamfight Tactics team comps

This week, Riot has revealed a new game mode in League of Legends called Teamfight Tactics, an autobattler game mode that uses champions from League of Legends and has some unique features that should set it apart from Dota Auto Chess.

Let’s see the differences between the two.

Before that, you should know that Teamfight Tactics will join the live servers on June 25, when patch 9.13 is launched. The game mode will be available in 9.13 PBE starting next week, on June 18 for testing. Rumors have it that the game mode might even be turned into a mobile game, and according to Riot SapMagic, the dev. team hasn’t yet considered it, but they might make one later.

Teamfight Tactics Vs. Dota Auto Chess

Right now, there are no details on how much champions will cost or their stats, but we do know that the starting pool of champions will be 50, and more will be added in time. Here is a short list of the main differences and similarities between Teamfight Tactics and Dota Auto Chess.

The Map

Auto Chess has a checkered map, looking like a grid, whereas TFT’s map is made of hexes – probably impacting the battle differently, considering the number of enemies that surround a champion or the other champions that you use to protect it.

TFT map (42 hexagons) is smaller than the Auto Chess (64 squares) – but the TFT map size might get increased until it goes to the live client, to offer more strategical possibilities.

The Fight and the Items

Instead of sending copies of champions like in Auto Chess, players will battle each other.

The items in TFT will drop, and you use them to craft a powerful item. You can combine them, even if they are duplicates. Apparently, some items will even give units new classes or other crazy abilities.

The Losestreaks

If you lose four games in a row in Dota Auto Chess, you will get extra gold to help you make a comeback. In TFT, the losestreaks will start after you lose 2 games in a row.

Another interesting feature in TFT is something called The Carousel. In some rounds (maybe even at the beginning at the game), all players are teleported in a room, and they are frozen. They pick a champion from the spinning carousel, and the player that picks the one with the lowest health will be the one that will be unfrozen first.  Then, the next player will go and so on.


Dota Auto Chess is known to crash a lot, but TFT being part of the LoL client should be stable. Also, the ranking system should be much better in TFT, and so should be queueing.

Check back here for more information about League of Legends’ Teamfight Tactics! We’ll be back with some basics and details that should help players form an idea on how the game uses League of Legends champions in this new game mode.

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