Pokemon GO Global Challenge Team Instinct New Reward

We can say it is a miracle or something like that as it appears that team Instinct has made it this time for the Pokemon GO community. Until a few hours ago, it seemed that the favorite electric underdogs were slightly away from the 15,000,000 research missions demanded to unlock their rewards for the challenge. However, it seems that Spark’s presence was what simulated the team to take action, completing approximately five million tasks per day and reaching teams Mystic and Valor.

What this means is that we are going to receive four standard rewards from Pokemon GO Fest, which will be made available from Tuesday, June the 18th to Tuesday, June the 25th.

  • Double catch candy
  • One rare candy guaranteed per raid
  • 1/2 hatch distance
  • double hatch candy

Furthermore, gamers are receiving a Raikou raid day, similar to the legendary birds one of the prior year. The date and time of the Raikou day will be announced sometime soon.

People are somewhat suspicious of this pulling out as Instinct had a lot to recover until today, and it was a quite fascinating reversion of the situation. From what it was understood, it seems like everyone just got incredibly motivated and completed all the tasks in a required period. Even though that is the most probable explanation, it would also be possible for Niantic to play with the numbers a bit, because no one would ever know.

This means the Pokemon GO player community is keeping its flawlessly record on these global research challenges.

In the existing setup, each mistake or failure imperils the big raid day reward, and so it would be quite devastating to fail on something like that. However, we think we might need a few global challenges on a smaller scale in order to make these things appear much more striking.

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