League of Legends 9.13 PBE: Illaoi, Karma, Sivir, Sylas, Tristana and More – New Balance Changes

Patch 9.13 is nearly ready to go to the live servers, so the PBE server is getting its final update to test all the new balance changes. Patch 9.13 will bring a lot of content, considering we will get to play the new game mode Teamfight Tactics and Qiyana will also be introduced in the game.

You can check out more about Teamfight Tactics on this page, and about Qiyana here.

Now before we get to see the latest balance changes in 9.13 PBE, bear in mind that these are still subject to change, if something goes wrong today during the final tests. We will be back with a longer article and include all the final balance changes in 9.13 PBE on Monday, to show you what you should expect from the new patch. Check out our League of Legends page to see more news, updates, and some tips!

The following balance changes only include the latest changes in the past two days – more champions are getting tweaked (like Wukong, Malphite and Akali) – we’ve covered them in the 9.13 PBE page.


We’ve added Illaoi above our NERFS and BUFFS lists because she gets a few things added/removed. Here’s the final Illaoi list that will make it to Live, as LoLSotere said in his recent Tweet:

League of Legends 9.13 PBE: NERFS


The revert of the MS duration buff that was launched with the 9.12 patch will roll to the live servers. There’s also a 1-second nerf for E-s movespeed duration:

E – Inspire

  • shield duration reverted to 2.5s – from 1.5s
  • movement speed duration lowered to 1.5s – from 2.5s


Base Stats:

  • HP per level lowered to 95 – from 105

W – Winter’s Wrath

  • W2 max health as damage lowered by 1%, it will be 5% – from 6% (live value)


“Sivir and Essence Reaver both got nerfs.  Went lighter on Sivir than she needed because the system will also reduce her power” LoLSotere

Base Stats:

  • MP5 rounded to 8 – from 8.012
  • AD per level rounded to 3 – from 3.11

W – Ricochet

  • mana cost increased to 75 – from 60


Q – Hymn of Valor

  • Aura damage AP ratio lowered to 20% – from 30%

E – Song of Celerity

  • Movement speed from AP lowered to [3% per 100 AP] – from [6% per 100 AP]

League of Legends 9.13 PBE: BUFFS


“Ornn was actually in a place where he could get some more buffs!”LoLSotere

Volcanic Rupture (Q)

  • AD ratio increased from 100% to 110%

“This is approximately +7-12 just from his base AD,” added LoLSotere.


“Sylas will still be getting some longer term attention from @Squad5lol but we took some of his changelist to buff him this patch.” ­LoLSotere

Base Stats:

  • HP per level increased to 95 – from 85
  • Base AD increased to 61 – from 58

W – Kingslayer

  • damage increased to 65/100/135/170/205 – from 60/90/120/150/180


“I was kind of on a ’rounding numbers’ spree for our simple bucket tasks this patch.  Tristana got some of that attention along with a small buff to Rocket Jump” – LoLSotere.

Base Stats:

  • AD per level increased to 3.3 – from 3.11
  • Base mana increased to 250 – from 246.76
  • MP5 lowered to 7.2 – from 7.206

W – Rocket Jump

  • damage increased to 95/145/195/245/295 – from 85/135/185/235/285

League of Legends 9.13 PBE: Items

LoLSotere provided a changelist along with the one for Sivir, revealing the new values for Essence Reaver:

Essence Reaver

  • Recipe changed: [B.F. Sword + Caulfield’s Warhammer + Cloak of Agility + 100G]
  • Cost increased to 3300 – from 3200

Randuin’s Omen

  • Armor increased to 70 – from 60

Teemo Update from Riot Jag

In a short update from Riot Jag, we found out what’s up with those Teemo changes we’ve heard for the past few months:

“After a lot of feedback from players, we’re going to pull out the changes. Some Teemo players liked them, some hated them, and we weren’t comfortable shipping something without the entire playerbase being happy about it. I’m looking into a few small QoL changes we could try as a follow-up in the near future.”

Teamfight Tactics PBE Update

Thanks to Riot August, we got a changelist of balance changes for the following champions in TFT:

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