Teamfight Tactics to Hit League of Legends PBE on June 18: Riot MapleNectar and SapMagic Answer Important TFT Questions

We talked about the new League of Legends game mode called Teamfight Tactics, which is similar to Dota Auto Chess, both being idle strategy games. With a few twists and unique features, League’s Teamfight Tactics should be a great game for when you just want to chill and play your favorite League champions. Let’s see what are the most important answers to questions about the new game mode right from Riot MapleNectar and SapMagic. We’ve also added at the bottom of this article a half-an-hour video uploaded by Scarra, showing gameplay footage for TFT.

TFT Release Date

TFT will be released on June 18 in 9.13 PBE, and will go live during Patch 9.13 – but the dates could be delayed if the devs encounter issues. Also, the game mode could be released on June 25 with 9.13 when the patch goes to the live servers, but there’s a catch:

Mobile Teamfight Tactics?

There is a possibility that TFT would also become a mobile game, just like DOTA Auto Chess is, but the Rioters stated they are now “focused on getting the PC version right—with no compromises—first.”

About Champions: Champion Pool and Skins

There will be 50 champions available from the beginning and will be added more in the future. So far, the champions are not going to have skins come to TFT, but they could use them to create variations of champions: “e.g., Glacial Annie vs. Blaze Annie or things like that.”

More champions will be added in time, with the goal being to add them all to TFT over time. In the first patch or second of TFT, more champions will be added.

Here are the 50 champions in TFT (with details about their Origin and Classes).

The Auto Chess Game and New Players

For players that have never tried Auto Chess, the game mode should be easy. You only use a mouse (but can also use customizable hotkeys – that will come in Patch 9.14), and there are many tips and assists in the game – if you forget to fill the board, the game does it for you.

The Size of the Map in TFT

We mentioned all the differences and similarities between TFT and DOTA Auto Chess here. Now, you’ll see in our comparison that TFT’s map is smaller than the DOTA Auto Chess map. The devs are not going to make it bigger – and will only make changes if there are “strong pain points for players.”

Play TFT Right From Level 1

Players that have just created a LoL account and only want to play TFT can do it right from the beginning – starting with level 1.

Patch Updates for TFT

The balances and changes in TFT will be made by a separate development team, and could be added every patch with the League’s patch, if necessary.

Other Questions:

Gold in TFT – should be similar like in Dota Auto Chess with leveling and interest.

Little Legends – we can pick our first little legend for free or get it randomly.

TFT Ranked – ranked seasons will be tied to SR ranked seasons to have “a consistent expectation throughout the year – ultimately we’ll do what makes the most sense for TFT though.”

Solo Q or Teamed Up – Gold players and below can have a team of 5, but as ladder goes higher, the number you can queue up with will be lowered.

Not a Rotating Mode – the goal is to have TFT as a permanent game mode, as plans for Ranked have already been made.

Spectate – there won’t be a spectate mode at launch but will be added in the future, along with other features.

Check out your PBE account tomorrow and see if TFT has been added! We will surely do that and come back with some more information. Head over to our League of Legends page or Teamfight Tactics page to learn more about the latest updates and news.

Here’s Scarra’s video with the TFT gameplay:

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