League of Legends ‘Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20’ – Teamfight Tactics, Little Legends and the Sona Nerf

If you’re not one that follows the League of Legends boards but still want to stay up to date with Riot’s plans for the future changes in the game, you came to the right place. I’ll try to summarize as much as possible all the information from Meddler’s Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20, which focuses mainly on TFT and the Little Legends, but also Sona’s nerf that will go to the Live servers with 9.13 Patch.

At the end of the article, we also added a few excerpts from Meddler’s most important comments on different questions about other champions and TFT.

Teamfight Tactics

A day after Teamfight Tactics was released to the PBE server, Meddler posted on the dev corner a few ‘Quick Gameplay Thoughts’ about the new game mode, revealing some of the plans, issues, and details with TFT.

Here’s what we should see coming in the future patches for TFT, as mentioned by Meddler:

  • DPS meters.
  • More detailed unit stats when you Right Click a unit to inspect them.
  • More bug fixing.
  • A ranked queue.
  • Improved clarity around unit positioning on the board. [probably a subtle hexgrid, a toggle option for it, tweaked ground textures]
  • Refinements to PVE rounds including difficulty tuning.
  • Ways to get more information about what items will build into without having to commit them to units first.

More balancing and bug fixes will come with every new patch. According to the feedback from playtesters, here are some thoughts from Riot’s dev team:

The TFT Board Size – The board is a little smaller, but Meddler explains it will be “revisited” if the game’s depth is too reduced.

Maximum Unit Cap is 9 – After some more testing and feedback, it could go up.

Refining the Units – The visual effects for silver and gold players will change in time to make them look different.

Tuning Damage, Item Drops – Meddler explains that they must see if the damage a player will lose after a round is correct – the first day in PBE the calculation was bugged but should be fixed by the time TFT goes to the live client. The TFT team still has to see if the item drop rates are too low or too high.

What Else to Add to the Scoreboard? – Meddler is asking for more feedback for the right-hand side of the screen, where there is a scoreboard with the player name/health: “should we make adding things like loss/win streaks to it for example a priority ahead of other TFT work?”

Little Legends

These cute guys have a role of their own in TFT as you might already know. They will show up in ARAM as well and later on in SR games. The Little Legends will not mess up your fights and will always be away from the combat:

“Plan is to see how that goes in regular games, refine the approach further, then see whether there are appropriate ways to get them into SR games as well, using both lessons from ARAM and potentially other techniques again.”

Sona Nerfs

You might ask yourself why is Sona getting nerfed in 9.13? Here are her new stats in 9.13 PBE if you haven’t seen them yet. I don’t think it’s a huge nerf – Riot is looking to axe the Sona Taric duo on the bot lane.

While Riot encourages new picks in different positions, Sona’s stats as a carry makes her a strong enemy when mixed with Taric:

“In pro some teams have a very high pick or ban rate with Sona + X and we believe that that would be the case for most other teams as well if she remains in her current state for an extended period.”

Only her Q and E are getting nerfed, her base stats will remain the same and whoever wants to go Sona carry, will have to choose more aggressive (AP) builds.

Meddler’s Answers

Ryze – the team’s thoughts on the latest Balance Changes:

“Will get some thoughts on Ryze in an upcoming post. Want to give changes more time than usual to settle though, given how problematic he’s been, and make sure we’ve seen enough pro play on them before drawing any initial conclusions about him there too.”

Sydra Buff:

“From memory we’re looking to buff her mana per level (40 instead of 30), letting her cast a bit more and likely adding a bit more power in average skill games than really high MMR/pro since mana management tends to be more optimized there.”

TFT Champions and Maps:

“We’ll get more champs into TFT in the future. Definitely got plans to use champs from regions not currently represented like Shurima, Piltover/Zaun etc :)”

After the core of the game mode is in place and enough content rolls to the public, holiday-themed maps might come to TFT.

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