League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Builds and Cheat Sheets

Teamfight Tactics is the incoming new game mode from League of Legends that will be permanently added to the client starting with patch 9.13. Hopefully, we will get to play it next week, since the TFT release date should be on June 25.

I have some great news about TFT – I was finally able to try TFT in the PBE – as you all know the game mode is now in 9.13 PBE, being playtested and tweaked. Although an idle autobattler, it doesn’t give you the impression you’re staring at the screen, waiting to win the matches. It has various little things that keep you entertained, like choosing champions from a pool between the rounds and strategize your composition.

And talking about strategizing, Scarra has already beat you to it and built a few cheat sheets to help new TFT players out. At the bottom of the article, we will provide the two cheat sheets from Scarra’s post on Twitter.

Now let’s check out the best builds in TFT at the moment, provided by a Redditor named Naturesbf. We will not get into lengthy details about every build, but you should be able to get all the essentials. If you want the lengthy version, check out Naturesbf’s post.

Blademasters Final Build:

  • Draven + Fiora + Shen + Aatrox + Gangplank + Yasuo (Blademasters)
  • Leona + Braum (Guardians)
  • *Optional: Darius or Swain (Imperial)

Imperials Final Build:

  • Darius + Draven + Katarina + Swain (Imperial)
  • Sejuani (Glacial)
  • Braum + Leona (Guardians)

Ninja Assassins Final Build:

  • Khazix + Rek’Sai + Cho’Gath (Void + Brawler)
  • Shen + Akali + Kennen (Ninja + Assassin)

Nobles Final Build:

  • Vayne + Garen + Fiora + Lucian + Leona + Kayle (Nobles)
  • Braum (Guardian)
  • Sejuani (Glacial) or Ashe (Glacial + Ranger)

Rangers Final Build:

  • Vayne + Ashe + Varus + Kindred (Ranger)
  • Sejuani + Volibear (Glacial)
  • Braum + Leona (Guardians)

Sorcerers Final Build:

  • Kassadin + Morgana + Aurelion Sol (Sorcerers)
  • Braum + Anivia + Lissandra (Glacial)
  • Kennen (Elementalist)

Wild Sorcerers Final Build:

  • Warwick + Nidalee + Ahri + Gnar (Wild)
  • Shyvana (Shapeshifter)
  • Aurelion Sol (Dragon)
  • Morgana (Sorcerer)
  • *Optional: Braum + Leona (Guardians)

Yordles Final Build:

  • Tristana + Lulu + Poppy + Veigar + Gnar + Kennen (Yordles)
  • Morgana (Sorcerer)
  • Kayle (Noble)

Here are Scarra’s Origin and Clases cheat sheet and the items cheat sheet – keep them close by when you start playing TFT! (click them for full size)

Check our TFT page for more news, updates, and guides.

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