HP: Wizards Unite – Guide For Spell Energy Management

The most important resource in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Spell Energy because you need it to cast spells. If you don’t have Spell Energy, you can’t cast spells, you can’t complete Traces, can’t be part of the Wizard Challenges, or help grow plants in Greenhouses. The only thing you can do in the game if you don’t have Spell Energy is to make potions and just browse your vault or take a bunch of selfies to update your avatar. You can open portals even if you don’t have Spell Energy and you can get whatever is inside.

However, we all know that the game is all about you casting spells, so how do you get energy or how do you manage it? Lucky for you, we have some great tips in this guide, and we’ll keep it as short as possible.

Where to Get Spell Energy?

First of all, new players start with 50 Spell Energy. After consuming it, they must visit Inns or Greenhouses to get some more.

To get back some Spell Energy, you must visit Inns

There, you can eat and replenish your spell energy. To get a dish, you must trace that spell (no energy is consumed when doing that), and you will randomly get a dish which contains somewhere between 3 and up to 10 spell energy per visit.

After eating the food, the Inn will go on cooldown for 5 minutes, after which you can go back and eat again. Smoke will start coming out of the Inn to show you that it is still in cooldown.

The Inn also has a different tab where you can place Dark Detectors that lure more powerful traces close to the Inn. We will talk about this in a different guide.

Greenhouses also restore Spell Energy

When you pull up the plant from the pot, there is a chance to get 4 spell energy as a reward, along with some Potion ingredients. After that, the Greenhouse will go on a 5-minute cooldown and you can again try your luck afterward.

Complete Daily Tasks

Another way to get Spell Energy is to complete Daily Tasks and to log in every day to get the Daily Treasure.

Buy Spell Energy

You can buy Spell Energy or boost the Spell Energy capacity with gold from the Wiseacres shop in Diagon Alley.

Spell Energy Management Tips

The S.O.S kit is very cheap to buy and gives us enough gold (and items) that will allow players to buy a Vault Extension (475 gold), which increases the spell energy capacity (+10), ingredient capacity (+30) and potion capacity (+10).

With a larger Spell Energy capacity, you can stack more energy for when you come across more Inns while you travel.

Use Potions!

It’s important to use potions that increase the chance of your spell being successful, so you don’t waste Spell Energy on more tries.

Remember the Foundables you caught

If you’re always low on Spell Energy, try to remember the fundable you already have in the Registry and only use Spell Energy on those that you don’t have.

Prioritize the high-rarity traces – the ones with a High-Severe Emergency Threat Level (they have a shiny yellow/red banner above the icon on the map). Make sure you always have 10-15 Spell Energy just in case you meet them and use Potions to make sure you catch them!

Cast Accuracy Is essential, and so is Speed

If you know a spell is tricky, stop walking to make sure you cast it accurately (it must go green once you trace it over the pattern to be ‘great’ or better). The speed is also vital in succeeding and not wasting more energy on other tries.

Don’t Go To Fortresses When Low on Spell Energy!

Make sure you have a lot of Spell Energy if you want to complete Challenges in the Fortresses. Also, remember to use Potions and skills to take out the enemies fast and with little Spell Energy consumed.

Check back on our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite page to learn more about the game and go to HPWU to see more gides!

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