Teamfight Tactics Guide: Best & Worst Classes In TFT Builds

If you’re looking for some League of Legends Teamfight Tactics builds but don’t know which are the best classes or the worst, then check out our short guide.

While champions like Aurelion Sol, Draven or Kayle are a great pick, they’re definitely a lot more OP if they get bonuses from the same class or origin they are part of. Now let’s see what classes are good and what classes are not so great right now.

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All 10 Classes in TFT – The Best and The Worst


TFTs most powerful class is Assassins because they jump behind the frontline to assassinate enemy units. The bonus for adding more assassins is also helpful. You can also synergize them with origin bonuses, considering Rengar, Katarina, and Pyke help you decide on whether you also want to get the Wild, Imperial, or Pirate bonus.


Go for 3 shapeshifters to get the bonus. While all of them are not great fighters, when they transform they will ravage the board and not die too fast. Choose Gnar with Nidalee or Elise with Swain to get the bonus from their origins. You can also go Dragons with Shyvana and Aurelion Sol.


The bonus from 6 Sorcerers is great, increasing the team’s AP, but in the early game, your Kassadin, Lulu, and Ahri won’t help you. Only when you get Morgana and Veigar, you can think of winning the game. Complete with Aurelion Sol (or Karthus if you don’t get ASol) to finish the build and win the game.


If you like Elementalists, then make sure you have 3 of them to gain the rock elemental. Go for Brand, Anivia, and Kennen, and you get a free tank. You can then complete with Sejuani to add the Glacial bonus (paired with Anivia), or Swain (paired with Brand) to get the Demon bonus – however, Glacial is far better than Demon.


This one would have been higher, but among all 6 units, only Draven and Yasuo are OP, with Shen by their side. However, we can add Blade of the Ruined King (that makes a unit also a Blademaster) to another champion that synergizes with Draven – like Darius, and if you’re lucky enough to get Kayle or Swain, you get the bonus for Knights or Demons as well.


The best thing in TFT is attack speed, and rangers are the best – especially Vayne and Kindred. If you put 4 of them together, their attack speed will have higher chances of attacking twice as fast.

Make sure you have a tank like Garen, and you can also go for the Noble bonus by adding Kayle if you get her. Alternatively, you can take Sejuani and get the Glacial bonus alongside Ashe. You can add a Frozen Mallet to Garen to also make him a Glacial and complete with Braum (who is not that good..) for 4 Glacials and a tankier composition.


While the Gunslinger bonus for two is great and you can choose Lucian, Graves, or Miss Fortune, the bonus for 4 Gunslingers is pretty bad, considering Tristana and Gangplank are not good units.

You could take Graves/Lucian and MF, then add Pyke to get the Pirate bonus. Complete with Assassins like Zed, Rengar and Gnar (the last two synergize well as Wilds).


Thinking Guardians should be good? Think again! In theory, it sounds like a good class, but the units are not that great compared to the ones in other classes. For example, Leona is great, and Braum is not. Perhaps this will change when more Guardians are added to TFT.


If you’re not one to go Assassin, then you might want to consider tanky units. The Knight bonus is excellent because the tanky units get tankier and they don’t cost much. However, this class is not as good as the others, because Mordekaiser and Poppy are pretty useless.


Brawlers are like Knights in terms of cost. Unfortunately, the units are not that good. While they have a lot of HP, the Brawlers only have 3 good units: Warwick, Volibear and Cho’Gath. However, you could also choose Rek’Sai, which is mediocre and get Kassadin to get the Void bonus.

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