Half-Life 3 Latest Leaks – New VR Games Rumors

Half-Life 3 might appear sometime in the future, but you should not set your hopes too high. Gabe Newell has mentioned the game at a recent Valve Index release meeting, but it didn’t say much.

According to Newell, Valve could develop Half-Life 3 someday, but that day will most likely not come any time soon. At a meeting for its new proprietary Index VR device, Newell made a joke that excites and discontent half-Life fans at the same time. The Valve co-founder spoke about games repetition, and how one project is a milestone for the next. In this manner, it is suggested that the Index VR hardware could power innovation for Half-Life 3.

“So Half Life lead us to Half-Life 2. Source led to Source 2. Experiments we did with Team Fortress 2 enabled us to build DOTA. Artifact is the reason we’re able to do Underlords,” Newell stated. “And so maybe someday the number 2 will lead us to that shiny integer glowing on a mountain some place. We’ll just have to see.”

However, Newell’s tone is definitely not sure, sounding like giving an unclear probability.

The phrase ‘We’ll just have to wait and see’ could also imply that Valve is restraining itself until technology can correspond to its concept for Half-Life 3, or it suggests it will never happen.

Besides the short but alluring tease, Newell highlighted critical features of the Index VR device and stated that it is only the beginning.

The company has some enthusiastic plans and ideas for the future of virtual reality, and Index is just a milestone, just like Source lead to Source 2, and the original Vive laid the foundation for the Vive Pro and its other array of headsets.

Newell also states that new VR games will lead from Valve and we could see Gordon Freeman’s interdimensional adventures take form in the captivating 3D world.

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