Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fortress and Skill Tree Professions Guide

We’re all quite busy with the Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna – although I’ve seen people already finishing all the steps. Between the rain and scorching weather, I’ve only managed to go to step 2, but don’t worry! The event will last until July 10!

Now back to the Fortress Challenges – which are also included in this event! How do you get the most out of the Restricted Section Books? What’s essential to max in the Profession lessons and how these stats affect our challenges in the Fortress? Here’s a short guide that should help you choose the best leveling path.

Wizards Unite Fortresses

You will find 4 types of enemies in the Wizards Unite Fortresses, three of then being vulnerable to a profession and strong against another:

  • Dark Forces vulnerable to Aurors, strong against Professors
  • Curiosities vulnerable to Professors, strong against Magizoologists
  • Beasts vulnerable to Magizoologists, strong against Aurors
  • Neutral – won’t deal or take extra damage from a certain profession

Enemies can appear with some affixes, which determine how strong they are:

  • Elite – increased enemy stats (some or all)
  • Common – normal enemy stats
  • Formidable –Defence and Proficiency Power stats slightly increased
  • Imposing – Proficiency Power, Deficiency Defence, Defence, and Defence Breach stats increased
  • Dangerous – Proficiency Power, Deficiency Defence, Defence, and Defence Breach stats strongly increased
  • Fierce – Proficiency Power, Deficiency Defence, Defence, and Defence Breach stats extremely increased

As you can see, the most dangerous enemy in a fortress can be Elite Fierce (+ name of the enemy). You can also have combinations of Common or Elite + other Affix (Imposing/Dangerous etc.) + (name of the enemy).

Depending on the profession, I recommend you go against the enemies that are vulnerable against you. However, if you compete in a wizarding challenge with other wizards and they have different professions, the odds are in your favor. Now let’s see the skill tree for all the professions and what each one does.

Wizards Unite Skill Trees

All three professions have Stamina (Health), Power (Damage) and Defense (Armor). But there are more ‘proficiencies’ that you can increase in the skill tree to fight against enemies. Here’s where we all needed some guidance after wasting some Scrolls…

First of all, let’s see what stats do:

Increase Damage Output: Power, Defence Breach, Precision, Critical Power, Proficiency Power

Reduce Incoming Damage: Defence, Protego Power, Deficiency Defence

Basic Tips about these stats:

Power – you hit Foes with it, so the more, the better (you start with 20)

Stamina – it is the Health you have, and you should improve it (but not necessarily max it before unlocking primary abilities). With low stamina, you faint and lose the fight.

Defense – reduce the damage you take when a Foe hits you. You will start at 0%, and you should increase it after increasing the Stamina and the high priority abilities.

Defense Breach – decrease a Foe’s defense in combat to deal more damage. You start at 0% and can increase it later.

Protego Power – reduce the damage you take when you successfully cast Protego. You start with 25% and should only increase it later after you improve the higher priority stats.

Precision – all classes need to increase this stat (you start with 5%), as it increases the Critical Cast in a successful Spell Cast. For Aurors, precision is a must!

Accuracy – with high accuracy, your targeting reticle will charge faster – you start with 0%, and you need it against foes that move a lot, like Pixies.

Critical Power – because you start with 50% Critical Power, make sure you increase this stat later, after Precision. Increasing it will add more damage to your successful Critical Casts.

Proficiency Power – increases the damage you deal to Foes when you have Proficiency against them – for instance, Magizoologist vs. Beasts, Aurors vs. Dark Forces. You start with 20%, and it’s not a high priority, but it does increase the damage.

Deficiency Defence – increases Defence when you are vulnerable against a Foe (you start with 0%). For example, Magizoologist take more damage vs. Curiosities, Professors take more damage vs. Dark Forces, and Aurors take more damage vs. Beasts.

Initial Focus – each Wizarding Challenge starts with you having Focus. You start with 2 Focus but if you want to use the special abilities before the game, increase this stat.

Maximum Focus – You start with 5, but can increase it as you progress in the skill tree. It’s better to increase it so you can store more Focus during a Wizarding Challenge.

Skill Tree Progression Guides

We’ve seen some great skill tree progression guides from Reddit User RyanoftheDay:

You can check out a more in-depth article on how to make the most of the Restricted Section Books, which are important for Skill Tree progression here – The Best Uses for Restricted Section Books.

Check out our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite page for more updates and HPWU guides.

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