Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Everything You Need To Know About Greenhouses

You’ve passed by a blue building on your map, and after tapping on it, you saw it’s called Greenhouse. What do these buildings give us and how should we make the most of what they can offer?

Here’s a short guide on what Greenhouses are, along with some tips that I wished I knew before losing a couple of plants I grew and lost – like the inexperienced wizard I was!

What Do Greenhouses Do?

When you spot blue buildings like the one in the image above, that means they are Greenhouses. Tap on them, and you will see two tabs: the one that pops when you enter the Greenhouse, and another one called Growing.

The first thing you must do is choose which plant to pull up and see what ingredients you receive. There is also a chance you receive 4 Spell Energy! Put your finger on the plant you chose and drag up to reveal your reward. After that, the Greenhouse will show you a little red flag which will vanish in 5 minutes and let you again collect rewards.


  • make sure you have enough space in the vault for potion ingredients so that you don’t lose important ingredients you receive from the Greenhouse.
  • Delete the spare ingredients to collect the ones from the Greenhouse.

Growing Plants in Greenhouses

Every new Wizards Unite player starts with a few ingredients, potions, seeds and water. You have surely gathered a few seeds and some water on your own until reaching the first Greenhouse. Seeds are the little pink or yellow packs on the map that appear randomly. If you open the Grow tab, you will see a pot and the button to plant a seed. You can plant a seed if the Grow button is green – that means you have enough seeds and water.

Choose one of the seeds you want to plant and make sure you check out how long does it take to grow because you have to go back to that Greenhouse to collect the ingredient! You can grow many sorts of seeds in the Greenhouse – all these ingredients that will grow are used to make potions.

Using Spell Energy to Grow More Plants

You can use Spell Energy to increase the number of ingredients the plant you grow will yield. In the Growing window, you will see a Spell Energy Bar above the plant. It will tell you how much Energy you must use to increase the plant’s yield. Press + and add as much Energy you want (up to 50).


  • you don’t need to waste Spell Energy on growing more plants, but if you can easily fill your Spell Energy, go ahead.
  • more players can contribute with Spell Energy to grow the yield on the seed you planted!

After the plant finishes growing, don’t desperately try to look for it in the Greenhouse. It will spawn close to the Greenhouse, on the ground! All Wizards that pass by that Greenhouse that has yielded ingredients after growing a seed can gather the reward.

There are various wait times for seeds to grow into plants – from 1 hour to 7 and to 1 whole day. But do not worry about not getting exactly the second it has finished growing, as it will stay on the map for 60 minutes before disappearing.


  • remember to pick up the Ingredient yielded by going around the Greenhouse. I have a couple of them close by and, even if I’m not in their range, when I press on them, they will show me a timer, which is quite handy!

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