Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14 [PBE]: Updates, Balance Changes, Ranked and The New Champion

We have already learned a lot about Twisted Fate’s… fate in Teamfight Tactics last week, but this time we will talk more about TFT in 9.14 and see more details about Ranked TFT, Rewards, Seasons and more.

The League of Legends client will get Patch 9.14 on July 17, adding Twisted Fate as the 51st champion in the roster, making our lives easier to build Sorcerers and start with that easy Pirate bonus for that cash!

But what you won’t see Ranked exactly on July 17, warned Riot SapMagic in a tweet:

9.14 PBE Balance Changes

Before we see what’s going to get added with Patch 9.14, let’s check out the latest balance changes in 9.14 PBE.


  • Elise has been changed to a 1-cost unit (-from 2).


  • Demons now deal 100%/200%/300% of the amount of mana burned as damage, which is quite a buff.


  • Frozen Heart slow attack speed increased to 25% (- from 20%)
  • Hextech Gunblade increased heal from 33% damage done (- from 25%)
  • Red Buff and Morellonomicon now deal 13% of the target’s max HP over 5 seconds (buffed)
  • Runaan’s Hurricane got a massive buff (if played right) with a new effect: summons a spirit who mirrors your attacks, dealing 25% Damage
  • Guardian Angel has a new effect: revives a unit with 500 HP and +1 rank (3-star to 4-star)
  • Warmog‘s Armor regen increased to 6% max HP/second (- from 3%)
  • Zeke’s Herald attack speed increased to 15% (- from 10%)
  • Zeke’s Herald and Locket of the Iron Solari now only apply to units in the same row – not to the surrounding units anymore.
  • Spatula has one more effect: it now doubles the stats of the item they are combined with – for instance, Spatula + B.F. Sword = 40 AD
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade attack speed per stack increased to 4% (- from 3%)

Patch 9.14 will bring some massive content. Let’s check out a summary of it below.

The New Champion – Twisted Fate

We talked about our new champion, the Pirate (Origin) Sorcerer (Class) Twisted Fate, which will cost 2 gold and comes with the ability Pick a Card. More about him and his stats/item build and synergies can be found here.

Teamfight Tactics Ranked Mode

The first season of Ranked mode will begin in 9.14. It will have the same tiers and divisions – you can climb from Iron V up to Challenger.

Divisions, Promos, Ranked Premades

Based on the way you end your game – in the first four places or the last four places – you will gain or lose a certain amount of LP. If you’re on the first place, you will gain a lot more LP than the 3 players that ranked under you in a match.

TFT ranked will not have promotion series. If you hit 100 LP, you will get promoted to the next tier (or division). If you lose while you are at 0 LP, you get demoted.

In ranked, you cannot have a full party lobby. If you want to invite friends to play ranked TFT with you, there are some restrictions regarding the number of players and their divisions. For instance, if you and your friends are Gold, you can play as a 5 premade, and only with those that are from Iron up to Platinum division.

Here are the premade restrictions in TFT:

Ranked Seasons

TFT Ranked will have 3-4 seasons in each year. Based on the number of seasons, the content of new items, champions and balance changes will have to be planned, and if there’s too much or too little time for the new content, the number of seasons can be changed. Expect each season to come with big changes. One noteworthy detail is that after one season ends, players will drop from their division just like in SR:

“Between seasons, you’ll be demoted by several divisions since we expect new seasons to meaningfully shake up the meta.”

Item Drops and Changes to Neutral Rounds

In 9.14, each player that finishes a neutral round (starting with the 2nd one) will get a guaranteed random item. But there’s a catch – you must defeat the specially buffed monster to get that item. It might be resistant to magic damage, for instance, so you must take it down to get the item.

The second round of neutral monster will be made from 2 Gromps instead of 2 melee minions and one ranged minion. Neutral dragons are not immune to magic damage, so that Sorcerer comps can finally take them down!

DPS Meters and UI Improvements

Players will notice in 9.14 a few more handy additions to the UI: we will see live DPS meters every round to know what changes we must make in our comps and replace the weaker units.

Drag and hold items over other items to see what they can create when combined. To combine them, you’ll still need to place them on a unit.

Next to the gold tab, an icon with fire will show up – hover over it to learn more about win/lose streaks.

Other Changes to Come Soon:

Ranked Rewards

Ranked rewards for TFT will be based on the end-of-season rank. They will be different than the ones from the SR ranked rewards. The TFT dev team stated in their Dev blog post:

“We will be giving out some sweet ranked rewards for TFT, but…we haven’t finalized them yet. […] Nothing is final for now, so please stay tuned for more info!”

TFT Beta Pass

The TFT Beta Pass is already in 9.13, but could change in the future:

“We may consider XP and Blue Essence rewards in the future, once the mode has had some time to settle in.”

Check out our TFT page for more Teamfight Tactics news, guides, builds and cheat sheets! Also, stay up to date with all things League of Legends here!

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