Pokemon Go 0.149.0. Update Introduces New Rocket Team Challenges and Shadow Pokemon

If you love going outside to the park and catching Pokemon, then we have some great news to share with you. The developers who are in charge of Pokemon Go have released a big update for the mobile game introduces lots of fun “goodies’ which include a new Pokemon and a new challenge that people are going to have a blast with. The new update sports the 0.149.0 version number and it’s being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels right now.

Pokemon Go 0.149.0. Update

As previously mentioned, the new update for Pokemon Go sports the 0.149.0 version number and the developers are rolling it outa via OTA (over the air) channels. This means that everyone who wants to download the new update doesn’t need to do anything else other than to keep their smartphone connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and to wait for the update to pop up in their notifications panel.

What’s New?

The question that all Pokemon Go fans must be asking right now is what’s new? You can check out the list of new features down below in order to get your answer.

  1. New Challenges: Take on Team GO Rocket Grunts in battle!
  2. Shadow Pokemon: Catch the mysterious Shadow Pokemon Team Go Rocket Grunts leave behind! Is there a way to help these Pokemon?
  3. New Appraisal Tool: You can now learn even more about your Pokemon when appraising them.
  4. Battle Minigames: Charged Attack gameplay includes new minigames.


As we can clearly see in the patch notes listed above, the new update for Pokemon Go comes with lots of new features that fans are going to love. We think it’s safe to say that the most exciting features are the new Shadow Pokemon and team Rocket challenges.

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