Angry Birds Evolve 2.3.2 Summer Update – New Characters, Features and Much More

Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile gaming franchises and there is no doubt about that. In fact, the original Angry Birds was one of the best mobile games ever made and it was downloaded by hundreds of millions of people from all over the world. The developers who are in charge of the Angry Birds franchises want to improve the gameplay experience that their games offer and they have created Angry Birds Evolve. This is the latest version of Angry Birds and it comes with lots of cool features that the previous games never offered.

Today we are talking about the popular Angry Birds Evolve because the mobile game has just received a new update. This is the biggest update that the mobile game has received in the last couple of months and today we are going to cover everything there is to know about it.

Angry Birds Evolve 2.3.2 Update

The new update for Angry Birds Evolve sports the 2.3.2 version number and it is dubbed as “The Summer Update.” This is a major update and it can be downloaded in two ways. The first one is to simply get it via OTA (over the air) channels which means to basically keep your smartphone connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and wait for the update to arrive. The second method is to manually download and install it in the form of APK (Android Package Kit).

New Features

  • All American Birds” Event:
  • Bob “”the Man”” Boomer: When still being a thin-feathered black fledgling, Bob read the bestselling guidebook “How to behave like a bird of prey” by Mighty Eagle, which made him forget all his former fears – together with his common bird sense. Going into film business, he became famous for his death-defying stunts in movies like “Birdnator” or “Enter the Bacon”.
  • Be Your Own Trainer:Summer is near, and you either have a beach body, or you need a trainer asap! These trainers will be at your service soon:
  • Major Pecker: This trigger-happy veteran firmly believes in the nearing apocalypse and equipped himself with a pig-proof bunker in the desert. Although ready to shoot at everything that is green and moving, he only uses plumber’s friends as ammunition. After all, no one wants blood in the front yard!
    Dr StrangeBird: Born an oddball, early on this pig decided to defy his parents and become a bird watcher. To study birds in their natural habitat, he equipped himself with a costume that he thought would make him look like a bird. Falling completely for his lousy disguise, the Eagle Force took him in and became his bird family while he was providing them with unsafe pig inventions in return.
  • New PvP league – Divine: Since all these epic 6 star master birds were sighted, it became pretty hot and sweaty in arena’s top leagues. That’s why the gates of heaven now opened its doors to release the hottest of them into a new divine league* (and to give the miserable teams, who did not acquire any 6 stars yet, a break).
    • Become a VIP:You can’t get enough of our Angry Birds? Then join the exclusive club of VIPs and get the most out of your Angry Birds Evolution experience with the new VIP Membership. This membership will increase your Ticket, Gold and Gem inventory EVERY DAY! Membership comes in weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions.
    • Extended Sell-All Popup :Speaking of 6 stars – for those of you who have gathered an abundance of 6 stars for some unknown reason, they can be conveniently selected in the sell all popup now! Also we added totems there in case you are so OP, you need no further training – or just want to declutter your inbox from all those stacking totems.

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