Facebook Messenger Update is Now Available with Improved User Chatting Experience

We think it’s safe to say that everyone knows what Facebook is. After all, the social media platform is being used by more than one billion active users and it’s considered as a “must-have” on all smartphones nowadays. There are many features that make Facebook an amazing app but the most important one is the fact that Facebook is equipped with a standalone chatting app that is called Messenger.

Even though Facebook’s Messenger might not be categorized as a feature since it’s actually a standalone app, Messenger is still the best feature that Facebook has to offer. The reason behind this is that Messenger makes it possible for the more than one billion active users of Facebook to communicate with each other and to share files.

Facebook Messenger Update

If you enjoy using Messenger in order to communicate with your friends and family members, then you should be pleased to find out that a brand-new update has just arrived. The update is being rolled out via Facebook’s official OTA (over the air) channels and it’s going to arrive in the notification panels of users under the build number.

What’s New?

The new update for Messenger focuses on improving the overall chatting user experience that the app has to offer and therefore, it introduces a bundle of ‘under the hood’ software tweaks. The reason why these software tweaks are called under the hood is that while Messenger users will not be able to see them as they would a regular feature, they are certainly going to feel them because they are boosting the overall performances of the chatting app. Last but not least, the new update for Messenger also introduces a handful of bug fixes that have been designed to take care of various issues.

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