Castle Clash: Brave Squads 1.6.12 Major Update Introduces New Game Mode, Battle Music, Gameplay Improvements and More

There’s no better way to keep yourself from getting bored while standing in a long line or waiting for the bus to come other than to install a fun game on your smartphone. Tech companies are equipping their smartphones with hardware specs which are so powerful that they can run mobile games with impressive graphics and fun gameplay mechanics. One of the most popular mobile games is called Castle Clash: Brave Squads and the reason why it’s making headlines on our website is because it has just received a major update.

Castle Clash: Brave Squads 1.6.12 Update

We have some great news to share with Castle Clash: Brave Squads fans today! As previously mentioned, the mobile game has just received a new update and it sports the 1.6.12 version number. The update has been released in the form of APK (Android Package Kit) and it’s also being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels.

Therefore, we are advising everyone who loves to play Castle Clash: Brave Squads to make sure to keep their smartphones connected to a stable internet connection so that they can be the first ones to download the new update and all the “goodies” that it brings.

New Game Mode, features and Much More

The new update for Castle Clash: Brave Squads comes with lots of cool features starting with a new game mode and ending with new battle music.

  1. New game mode: Blitz Gauntlet
    2. Added CC Anniversary-themed features
    3. New Hero Skins
    4. Five new Building Skins
    5. New Hero: Occultist
    6. New Talent and corresponding Insignia and Crests
    7. New Enchantment
    8. Changed battle music.
    9. Floating Isle improvements.
    10. You can now “Quick Upgrade” Breakthrough Levels.
    11. Enchantments interface: Added tips under each Enchantment.
    12. Heroes Trial and Here Be Monsters: Interface improvements.

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