The Latest No Man’s Sky Adds a Wealth of Content

No Man’s Sky has received a generous amount of updates since it was released, and Hello Games remains hard at work.

The latest update for the title, available across all the platforms, adds a wealth of fresh content which aims to improve the community and offer new ways to interact with your friends.

Weekend missions will offer a focused story that is exposed over several months, with each of them taking players to a specific time. The plot is quite engaging, as players will explore a new anomalous region where the savage forces may shatter reality.

Those who wish to enter the fray will have the option to get new mission chapters from the Space Anomaly Nexus terminal. The quests have to be finished by Monday when they will disappear into the void. Weekend missions will be available for a long time, and they offer Quicksilver rewards.

A new Featured Bases tab is also available at the Space Anomaly teleportation terminal. It allows players to explore and teleport to community bases which have been selected by Hello Games. The primary aim of the feature is to showcase talented builders and offer players a chance to explore great locations that could inspire them to enhance their information.

Their updates also include a few bug fixes. A bug that caused galactic generation synchronization issues on the PS4 forced some systems to vanish after the Beyond update was released. The systems which disappeared have been restored, but some systems which surfaced in the place in the meanwhile cannot be accessed unless a teleporter is used.

Issues that affected the display of base screenshots in the Space Anomaly Teleporter list were also fixed along with some bugs which forced bases to linger in the save-games of people who reported them.

The complete patch notes can be found on the official No Man’s Sky website.

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