The Best Black Friday Deals for Apple Products

Many Apple fans are looking forward to buying products from their favorite company during Black Friday as the prices will be considerably lower in comparison to the regular ones. Some may want to get the latest iPhone as others plan to acquire an Apple Watch or iMac for the office.

It is important to keep in mind the fact that Apple Stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, which is not a surprise. If you want to purchase a product straight from Apple, it is advised to use the Apple website or visit an Apple Store on 29 November 2019. It is estimated that the Apple website and Apple Store app will go live at 12:00 a.m. EST.

Those who prefer to purchase Apple products from other retailers will enjoy offers one week early as many retailers plan to offer sales from November 23 onwards. Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other sites will also offer great deals during Cyber Monday.

Finding the best offers

Even if you go to an Apple Store on Black Friday, some of the prices may not be as low as some expect. In most cases the products have a more affordable price tag if they are sold by other retailers although Apple may opt to match the price in the case of some products.

Here are some useful tips:

Make a list

If you plan to buy several Apple products it is a great idea to make a list and search for the products in the catalogs of several stores. Some may have better deals on select products, and you may save enough money to purchase an additional product.

Don’t rush

Some stores may offer what seems to be a great deal, but you should wait until more offers are available. Better ones could surface, and nothing hurts more than seeing the same products at a considerably lower price.

Pick the right product for your needs

The latest products may seem great, but many older ones are quite good and tend to be more affordable.


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