ARK Survival Evolved DLC is Approaching Fast: Important News for PS4 Players

Today, February 25, is the big day: ARK Survival Evolved’s Genesis DLC is set to arrive for the players, and the huge excitement is already flowing in the air. ARK Genesis will be a major update of the game, and it can even be one of the most substantial updates in years.

But we all know that a great expansion not only brings new content to the game like missions, weapons, opponents, and so on. It shall also bring fixes for bugs, and it’s also the case for the new update for ARK Survival Evolved. The community manager himself says that two of the biggest bugs from the games’ previous expansions, will be fixed:

“I was able to confirm that the upcoming release will fix the Ragnarok issues for PS4 and egg/dino spawn issues on Extinction for XBOX.”

New map?

This is among the most desired new features that fans hope will see in the new update. A new map having an active volcano, a low-gravity field, or snowy mountains are what the fans want. They had been waiting breathlessly for months, and their dream is only several hours from becoming a reality.

We’re not sure that the DLC brings a new map, but we’ll be clearing our doubts pretty soon. It will bring for sure new creatures, new structures, new equipment, and more.

A tweet sent by the developer yesterday claims that it has important news regarding the first part of the update. The link lead to community forums, with an update on the release of the game from none other than the Studio Wildcard admin.

“As we prepare for launch at 4 PM PST tomorrow, we have some important news for our survivors in the Asian region,” the developers said.

“Immediately following the Genesis launch, PS4 survivors in our Asian regions will only be able to access PS4 official servers in the Asian region for a short period.

“We don’t expect this exclusion to extend beyond 72 hours, but we will keep you updated with any future developments.

The new ARK Genesis update will land at 4 PM PST.

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