Grand Theft Auto 6 New Plans – A Trailer Might Be Released Soon

Rockstar’s official YouTube channel might have just accidentally teased the trailer for Grand Theft Autor 6.

The whole gaming world will go boom once Rockstar officially teases GTA 6, but it seems like they already did… sort of.

Rockstar Mag

A tweet from Rockstar_Mag, a tiny yet essential discovery was made on the company’s official YouTube channel. The tweet itself reveals that Rockstar has uploaded a private video to its YouTube channel, and it will be published to the public at some point.

The newly uploaded video started the rumors that it might be related to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Rockstar’s plans

As you might now, the Game Developers Conference was recently postponed.

Many developers were cut out of the light of the media, thus being unable to show off their games.

There is a chance that Rockstar had planned a GDC 2020 tease for GTA 6. That is yet to be known, but one thing is sure – All eyes will be on Rockstar as they progress towards E3 2020.

Possible Setting Of The Game

According to some previous rumors, GTA 6 could be based in Jamaica, Columbia, as some observative readers noticed that Rockstar sent out Christmas presents that had Jamaican and Colombian flags on them to their employees.

There is a reason behind it, obviously, but it seems like only time will tell if it is related to GTA 6’s setting or not.

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