Unleash The Wrath of Your Heavenly Blade Onto Your Enemies in The Third Age, a High-fantasy Strategy MMORPG Game

The Third Age is Optimized for Html5

Although The Third Age was released in April 2019, the global Free-to-Play browser video game publisher R2 Games has optimized their strategy game for Html5.

Considering Flash has been sentenced to death and it only has a few more months until Adobe will stop support to the old software, R2 Games has been working hard over the past years to move most of its titles to Html5.

The popular games Wartune, Dragon Awaken, The League of Angels series, and Eternal Fury, along with the latest ones – Robot Tactics Online and Survivor Legacy, are all coded by Html5.

Warfare, expansion, hero progression, allies and foes, among many other features can be found in R2 Games’ The Third Age. If you are a fan of strategy games but also want to defeat other players from all over the world, then feel free to try this high-fantasy browser game.

One of the latest games brought to us by R2 Games is The Third Age, which promises to keep us entertained with endless hours of character and story progression, strategic battles and many new events. Here are some of the things you will experience in this free-to-play browser game.

“Wield heavenly blades and unleash wrath onto your foes”

Whether you have chosen to be a sorcerer, a prince, a dwarf, even an elf, or a goblin, your epic hero will need to be trained, leveled up, learn skills and have its Crest upgraded. Your realm will recognize you as their leader and you can continue to expand it while defending the land, but also making a move against your foes.

Become Stronger, Ascend and Defeat Your Enemies

As the leader of your realm, you will need to ascend to become stronger and unleash that might onto your foes. And talking about foes, there are plenty of them waiting to defeat or plunder your resources, which is why you must always be on guard and use both defense and offense.

Nation Warfare

You start the story right in the middle of a warfare between three nations. This is why you will have to choose one as your ally to begin your adventure. You may join the Watchmen’s Union, or you can choose the Storm Empire or Blood Tribe. No matter your choice, your epic hero will have to prepare for the fights that will come.

Expand Your Realm

While you make sure you are undefeated, you must also be a good leader who knows when it’s time to expand or develop certain buildings from your city. Use your resources wisely and you will see your land flourish.

It is not difficult to learn the ins and outs of this strategy game, but you can turn to http://tta.r2games.com/guides/ for some guidance when it comes to learning more about lore, the nations, the best way to level your hero, to manage your land and so on.

Head over to The Third Age official page and start making history – http://tta.r2games.com/.

Connect with other TTA players on the game’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TheThirdAgeR2/.

R2 Games not only constantly optimizes its browser games, but they also release new content and new titles for its global player base. Learn more about all of its titles at http://www.r2games.com/.


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