Microsoft’s Secret Weapon That Wil Help Them Outsmart Sony PS5

The days of the Xbox One’s fame are numbered. Soon it will be replaced by its successor, and, as it is the case with most releases of new systems, rumors started building up, and the following one is juicy!

There is a chance that Microsoft is about to reveal the ace up their sleeve for the big battle with Sony in the next-gen console wars.

The launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be the main points of interest for the gaming word in 2020. Microsoft revealed a concerning amount of eye-catching technical specifications and details about their next-gen system.

About The Series X

Microsoft’s upcoming console will boast 12 teraflops and will feature many next-gen updates to current-generation titles.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Smart Delivery program, gamers will only have to buy a game once and be granted access to both the Series X and One version of the title.

For example, You can buy a game like Cyberpunk 2077 for the Xbox One, and it will also be added to your Xbox Series X library.

Microsoft made a bold decision that will undoubtedly affect Sony’s sales. If they already revealed such amazing features and specifications, one can only wonder what sort of information they chose to keep secret for the moment!

The New Announcement

Microsoft wants to take the game to the next level (pun intended) with the Lockhart.

A rumor says that two Xbox SKUs will be released.

One version will be the more extravagant Series X, and the other one is codenamed, Lockhart.

The Lockhart will reportedly be a less powerful console selling for a lower price than the Series X.

It is believed that the Lockhart console will cost about $300, which is extremely convenient for a console that packs high power hardware, accompanied by up-to-date software coming straight from Microsoft.

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