Shadow Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Story, Trailer, And Everything You Need To Know !!!

Shadow Season is a web television series based on comedy, drama and fantasy stories.

The Cast and character of Shadow Season 3

Most of the starring actors will reappear in the third season of Shadow series.

It includes-

Pallance Dladla played the main character as Shadrach (Shadow)

Amanda Du-Pont acts as Ashley

Khathu Ramabulana acts as Max

Time Ngumla acts as Zola

Nneka Tsajwa acts as Mandla

Lunati Mampofu acts as Mary

Phila Mazibuko acts as Reggie

And many others.

Because of receiving much positive response from the viewer’s and team decided to launch its sequel season 2,3 etc.


List of Episode of first Shadow Season

The first series of Shadow season is release March 8, 2019, consists of eight episodes.

It Includes-

Mary’s Blackmail, Ashley’s Secret, Snow Globe Killer, Man Down.

And Ghost Killer, There’s Something in the House and Dare to Die Including The Reckoning.

The story of Shadow Seasons

The story revolves around the vampire seen many times in TV shows and films based on the horror genre.

It became prevalent among the audience due to the excellent story performances and impressive sound effects.

Season 2 consist of the story of vampires about Guillermo and his relationship.

Much more of season 3 will revolve around this new dynamic, whether it means that Guillermo is feared and respected by his vampire friends, or if they decide to isolate him.

The vampires can change their face whatever they want to do in season 3.

But it will be surely an entertaining and based on suspense thriller fantasy stories.

Releasing date of The third season of Shadow series

The previous season achieved more Attraction towards the audience. We can expect to release a new season of the series.

Series has renewed named as Shadows for season 3, but a release date for the episodes will air hasn’t yet been announced.

It’s first two seasons of the series have both aired in the April and May.

It will expect to release the third season at the end of 2020 or earlier as possible.

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