Batman Beyond Reveals a New Take on Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and grandson of the villain Ra’s al Ghul, has been on quite a journey during his time in Batman Beyond. Under Dan Jurgens’s pen as writer, Damian has been the head of the League of Asasassins, although he has also been working with Batman to mitigate the impact of the League on the rest of the world. In spite of what appeared to be a very disciplined organization, though, the corrupt scientist Zeh-Ro managed to take over the League of Assassins and oust Damian, hoping to take a small number of “chosen” people into space and create environmental catastrophe on Earth to wipe out humanity.

It’s a futuristic, sci-fi take on the environmental terrorism that often drove Ra’s. It’s also hard not to wonder whether Zeh-Ro might have something to do with Black Zero, who can (depending on the mythology) be either a person or an organization that was responsible for death on a massive scale on Krypton, and often is tied to environmental damage.

Either way, it has given way to a new status quo for Damian Wayne. He is now, fully and officially, part of the Batman Family again, fighting alongside Dick Grayson and his daughter Batwoman, as well as Terry McGinnis, as the heroes (under the stewardship of Bruce Wayne) aim to prevent Zeh-Ro’s plan from causing death on a colossal scale.

Damian’s new station is never more clear than when he follows Batman (Terry) into battle, and then finds himself working alongside Dick Grayson, who calls him first “kid” and then “Robin,” with a smirk on his face the whole time.

Besides Damian, the book also welcomes Goliath as part of Team Batman this month, with Batman Beyond #45. Goliath, as longtime fans will recall, is Damian’s pet “dragon bat,” which first appeared in Convergence and then remained a big part of Damian’s life folllowing the status quo changes brought on by that event.


In Batman Beyond #45, according to the official solicitation text, “Batman Beyond and Damian Wayne are going to have to join forces in order to stop Mr. Zero and his radical faction from turning Gotham City into an ice-covered hellscape. Damian will have to put his disrespect for the ‘pretender’ that is Batman Beyond aside if they’re going to stop this mutual foe-and even then Mr. Zero’s power and influence might prove too much for this pair!”

Batman Beyond #45 is available now at your local comic shop, or digitally on ComiXology, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

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