Batwoman Gets a New Costume

Just two issues after she was taken out of commission by her overprotective father, “Batwoman Beyond” Elainna Grayson is back in action, now with her father’s blessing and a new costume that more closely resembles the classic Nightwing threads that her dad has worn for years. Elainna first popped up as Batwoman when Terry McGinnis was briefly out of commission, and she took on his costume to take his place for a short time. When Terry recovered from his injuries, he came back as Batman and the pair worked together to stop Blight, but it would prove (for the moment) to be Batwoman’s only big fight.

Not so anymore; in this week’s issue — Batman Beyond #45 (from writer Dan Jurgens and artist Paul Pelletier) — Terry is joined by Damian Wayne and Goliath, who tell the Bat-family about an apocalyptic plot by the League of Assassins, who overthrew Damian and are looking to kill him. When Damian and Goliath join Terry, it seems like they’re outnumbered and outgunned.

That’s when Batwoman shows up, wearing a version of her Batman Beyond suit that features a blue bat and blue highlights in her cape, rather than the red version Terry wears. It looks like after working with Barbara Gordon to train, Elainna convinced Dick not only to let her suit up again — but to join her. He’s not in a costume exactly — after all, he’s mayor of New Gotham now — but he is wearing a blue-and-black ensemble that pretty obviously evokes the Nightwing suit, too.

You can see Batwoman’s new duds below.

(Photo: DC)

How many of these heroes will remain as a regular, daily part of the Bat-family in Batman Beyond after the League of Assassins story and the upcoming Booster Gold tale? It’s hard to say, but with #50 coming up, it seems like Jurgens has big plans for the near future.


In Batman Beyond #45, according to the official solicitation text, “Batman Beyond and Damian Wayne are going to have to join forces in order to stop Mr. Zero and his radical faction from turning Gotham City into an ice-covered hellscape. Damian will have to put his disrespect for the ‘pretender’ that is Batman Beyond aside if they’re going to stop this mutual foe-and even then Mr. Zero’s power and influence might prove too much for this pair!”

Batman Beyond #45 is available now at your local comic shop, or digitally on ComiXology, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

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