The Wiesmann Project Gecko: Spy Shots and Review !!!

It was out of the talk and down in business for long, but not quite extended not to make a recovery. We are talking of the back in market Wiesmann. And after a long term of bad business days, it is coming back with a new lineup- the one with codename Project Gecko. Though, the spy shots suggest that it shall carry the old skin of the company, just on the exterior, with the platform as new as anything. Talking of the production models from, it may also follow the older M6 nomenclature. Here are shots of the car, with sheets covering/uncovering it for the very first time. Our sources report it on to be a flatbed, leaving the BMW facility, so this is the one.

The looks of this Wiesmann is too near the older versions. It gets the long nose and vague retro aesthetic. The car styling is sporty and classic with the arching roofline. The car is at the top classic look with the fenders and sculpting. There are also rumors of carbon fiber used in the body, mainly to keep the weight low.

Though the design is similar to previous ones, it is mainly based on a new platform offering 50 is to 50 weight proportion. It is also acquainted with double wishbone suspension, six-piston brakes, and drilled rotors. There is confirmed use of BMW 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 engine in the Project Gecko, with eight-speed automatic transmission.

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