Diablo Immortal Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

Diablo Immortal got a new trailer recently to show off more gameplay from Diablo’s first venture onto mobile platforms. The trailer was released during ChinaJoy 2020 alongside the start of pre-registrations for the game on iOS and Android devices, but those pre-registrations are only available in China right now. It’s one of the first looks we’ve seen at the game since last year’s BlizzCon when Diablo Immortal made a much smaller splash than it did the year before when its controversial debut took place.

Regardless of if it’s on a phone, someone’s PC, or a console, the gameplay seen in the Diablo Immortal trailer below looks pretty similar to what you’d expect from a normal Diablo game. The screen looks like it’d be a bit cluttered depending on what size your device is since there are a number of buttons corresponding to different abilities that have to fit on the display, but for mobile players who are used to that, it might not be much of a problem. Aside from that, the top-down perspective while you’re ripping through demons with different class-specific abilities looks like a pretty familiar Diablo experience.

There’s been no word yet about when this game’s pre-registration phase might come to other regions outside of China. The game also still doesn’t have a release date, though it was said over a year ago now by the CFO of developer NetEase that the game was “pretty much ready.”

It was also said back in February that we’d see some regional tests happen for Diablo Immortal some time during the middle of 2020. Those plans were set before all of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on working conditions were fully in motion, so it’s possible something’s changed between now and then. It’s also quite possible these regional tests might come to regions who’ve been keener on Diablo Immortal compared to those who didn’t respond as well, so it may be a while before everyone’s able to try.

If you’re still not big on Diablo Immortal after seeing more gameplay from it, you can at least look forward to Diablo IV – the game featured in the trailer at the top – since that game is still in the works. That game’s still in its early stages, so it may be quite a while before we actually get to play the game. Perhaps more players will warm up to Diablo Immortal in the meantime.

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