Samsung does not appear to continue the Galaxy Note series

The clues have been around for a while, but how is it almost certain that Samsung will not launch the Galaxy Note 21. But what’s the replacement?

While the launch of the Galaxy S21 in January 2021 is almost a certainty, there is nothing on the radar of rumor hunters about the next Galaxy Note, Samsung seems to completely ignore this model. However, if we take a look at the recent clues, we will see that the current situation was perfectly predictable. For starters, Samsung has been increasing the screen diagonal for the Galaxy S series for some time, reducing the physical differences between the two. Then many of the once exclusive functions of the Note series were taken over to the S model. The last “nail” in the Galaxy Note’s coffin seems to be the S Pen stylus, taken over for the Galaxy S21 series, at least, as an optional accessory.

Galaxy Note, outdated

What is certain is that the times when Galaxy Note phones were in a superior niche, distinct from the rest of Samsung’s offer, are almost over. Even the current S20 offers much of the power of a Note, possibly at a better price.

Normally, the news about the start of preparations for the next Note model 6-8 months before the official launch, the lack of any clues on this subject being a clear indication for Samsung’s intentions.

According to the information so far, the offer of Samsung phones will look something like this, in the new formula:

Galaxy S21 FE
Galaxy S21
Galaxy S21 +
Galaxy S21 Ultra
Galaxy Z Fold 3
Galaxy Z Flip 3
Galaxy Z Fold FE
With S Pen support, Galaxy S21 Ultra will most likely be the rightful replacement for Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 being just its reinterpretation for the foldable phone segment.

Although some fans may be disappointed with the decision, giving up the Galaxy Note series is probably a good thing. Without the need to differentiate between two product families, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, the quality of the delivered firmware could increase. So is the number of features available on Galaxy S phones.

In the end, buyers will be able to choose the Samsung phone that suits them best, the decision easier to make and a lower probability of jumping into the camp of rival manufacturers.

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