Everything You Need To Know About Branding With Facebook Video

Facebook started as a social networking site where people could connect with their friends from different parts of the world. Ever since its beginning in 2004, Facebook has been an enormously popular social media platform for all age groups.  Now, it also broadly serves the marketing and advertising purposes for numerous businesses.

Advertisers are running behind the trend of Facebook advertising because it is the most accessible and most comprehensive option for reaching customers. Besides, the ratio between investment and ROI is so high that even a start-up business can pick up a great deal using efficient marketing tricks.

Facebook Vs Youtube – Which Is Better?

YouTube has been in the industry for almost two decades now, and yet marketers struggle to receive desired views on their videos. On the contrary, Facebook turned into a news feed and video marketing platform a few years back. There is specificity for the use of media on both sites. Yet, Facebook offers better chances for developing a remarkable brand image rapidly.

Apart from this, YouTube has so many shortcomings, such as feed recommendations and content preferences that restrain the flow of communication. In contrast, Facebook has a customized interface for users where the recommendation option is updated regularly so viewers can check through possible alternatives frequently. Professionals also claim that video production for YouTube requires investment and effort. However,  this is not a problem in the case of Facebook ads. Popular online video software platforms such as InVideo let creators make Facebook videos in minutes with the help of audio and visual files.

Even though YouTube has widened the criteria of business marketing in terms of transparent communication, Facebook has its quotient of virality. Facebook can be a better platform for video advertising, especially when you are looking to develop a brand image right from scratch. It is the gateway that you can use to tell a story to those who are not familiar with your services or products. All you need is the right strategy for effective branding with Facebook video.

Tips for Branding with Facebook Video

Here are some crucial points that you should remember while creating a Facebook video ad campaign for your new business venture:

Create A Series Of Short Videos

People don’t join Facebook only for getting information. Entertainment is another reason why they use this platform. The Facebook video feed is an excellent resource for advertising, so you need to use it properly. Instead of making long detailed videos, you can consider creating short videos and post them as a series.

Add Subtitles In Every Video

Some people don’t prefer watching the video if it lacks subtitles. Facebook is a highly customized social media website. Some viewers tailor their interface as per their convenience. No matter how impactful audio you include in your video, you must add subtitles to it so your audience can watch and understand the feed even if the sound option is disabled.

Strike The Beginning With A Powerful Start

Video marketing experts suggest that the entire content of your video doesn’t hold any importance if the first ten seconds are plain. The beginning of your video decides whether the viewers will stay until the end of it or not. Many video advertising professionals focus on building a catchy start so that it will lure the audience towards the remaining video.

Make Your Thumbnail Informative

Facebook video ads run through a long list of the news feed, and a viewer will click on it only if it has a compelling thumbnail. Besides, Facebook provides so many options. Therefore, most of the excellent content gets ignored by the target customers. Your video will reach the top of the list if you add a captivating thumbnail to it.

Surprise Your Viewers With Different Animation Styles

A video containing numerous creative elements such as relevant images and an engaging animation style can quickly receive vast viewership on Facebook. You can keep looking for a variety of options that you can use to surprise your audience. Besides, you can also use readily available Facebook ad templates for new ideas.

Keep Track Of Your Video’s Performance

Other than creating Facebook videos, you must also keep track of the videos you post on your business page. An analytics report on how videos perform on a given platform provides a roadmap planning for upcoming ad videos. Moreover, it gives you an idea of how often viewers visit your page and react to your posts.


Video marketing on YouTube might seem like an efficient plan for brand promotion, but it has a few limits. On the other hand, Facebook video promotion can be a boon for those who are not entirely familiar with video marketing trends. It is a convenient beginning point because a large audience is available on this social media networking site. Also, almost everyone knows how to navigate this platform.

Facebook ad video marketing techniques will help your brand reach potential buyers and increase your business.

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