Samsung could bring back Voice Unlock support on Galaxy S21 phones

Future Galaxy S21 phone owners may have another option to unlock the screen, with Samsung preparing to reintroduce the Voice Unlock feature as an alternative to facial recognition and fingerprint authentication.

Also available in the past through Bixby, the Voice Unlock option has disappeared from newer generation Samsung phones. It will certainly be less secure than fingerprint scanning and even facial recognition, the alternative to voice unlocking could be a solution when performing activities that prevent direct handling of the phone.

Samsung brings back Voice Unlock on Galaxy S21 phones

It remains to be seen how the new implementation will differ from the one used previously. According to rumors, Samsung will initially activate Voice Unlock only on Galaxy S21 phones, and other devices will receive it when upgrading to the One UI 3 interface (possibly 3.1).

The functionality can be activated by selecting Bixby from the security settings panel of the Lock Screen menu. However, before doing so, it must be borne in mind that the voice is much easier to falsify than facial features, a simple recording rendered at a reasonable quality may be enough.

Apparently, Samsung has no plans to promote Voice Unlock in the Galaxy S21 promotion campaigns, as it only enters an extensive list of supported features. Instead, the emphasis will be on improvements to the camera, especially the benefits of the 108MP optical sensor reached the second generation, reserved for the Ultra model. Other important aspects will be the capabilities for 4K and 8K filming, the new Snapdragon chipset and the functions taken from the Galaxy Note series, together with the S Pen accessory.

According to the information circulated so far, Samsung will launch the new Galaxy series towards the end of January with limited stocks in stores.

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