Samsung is preparing a discount for the Galaxy S21 series

High-end phones in the last few years have seen prices continue to rise, but this could stop next year, according to new rumors. Samsung’s next top models, the Galaxy S21 series, could be priced lower than the 2020 models. It seems that the decline in sales of the top Samsung models has directly affected the company, only its mid-range Galaxy models It is now very popular among users.

Galaxy S21 could enter the market at lower prices than S20

According to SamMobile, Samsung is preparing price reductions of over $ 100 for each Galaxy S21 model, compared to the Galaxy S20. For example, the base model Galaxy S21 could be priced between 850 and 899 US dollars, given that the Galaxy S20 cost, in the basic version, $ 999 last year. Also, the Galax S21 + could start at $ 1,049, while the top version, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will cost “only” $ 1,300, compared to 1,400.

One of the reasons why Samsung could lower prices could even be competition with Apple, if not mandatory with Chinese brands such as Xiaomi and Oppo. iPhone 12, the base model in the new range of Apple phones, costs only US $ 799 in the basic version and $ 849 in the version with 128 GB storage. Galaxy S21, like Galaxy S20, could start directly from a version with 128 GB storage, so it would have price parity with Apple at this level of configuration.

At the same time, Samsung promised at the launch of the Galaxy S20 FE that it will offer such cheaper versions of its high-end models for future series. However, it is not clear if they will be launched simultaneously with the main range, or if they will be delayed for several months, as before.

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