You can now just listen to your favorite movies and series on Netflix, without video

Netflix is ​​preparing to launch a new feature, which may seem strange, but will surely be appreciated by some users. The Android application will receive a new capability that allows you to turn off the video signal during playback, so you can listen to your favorite movies or series on the streaming service, even in the background.

Netflix could soon be hosting podcasts as well

This feature paves the way for several types of content on Netflix. First of all, some shows are better suited than others to be listened to. For example, Netflix has many stand-up comedy and documentary shows that can be listened to more easily. Series and movies in which the action on the screen is as important as the lines do not fit very well.

However, with the ability to offer full-screen playback, Netflix could now offer podcasts on its service. Thus, it competes with Apple, YouTube and Spotify, which in turn make great efforts to attract shows to their services. For example, Spotify paid $ 100 million to bring Joe Rogan’s podcast exclusively to his service, after he had been very successful on YouTube for many years.

At the moment, this capability has not been officially launched for everyone, but it is starting to appear slowly on the accounts of some users. It seems that Netflix enables this capability on the server, without the need to update the Netflix application on Android. This capability hasn’t appeared on iOS yet, so it could just be a test of an experimental feature at the moment.

This capability was detected two months ago in a beta version of the application, but at that time it was not functional.

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